hello! i'm sraƫka-lillian. i'm an rpg designer and agender mulatto faggot from vancouver, and this is my blog, which i mainly use for writing about rpgs. i'm particularly interested in rpg design "fundamentals", understanding how the thousands of minute decisions that go into rpg systems and level design (including characters, item, equipment, spells) interact with each other to produce different emotional, aesthetic, and phenomenal experiences. my area of focus is mostly the "dragon quest" lineage, which includes most jrpgs and especially those of the late 80's and early 90's. i love playing old jrpgs because i grew up on "golden age" squaresoft games and i'm a huge nostalgia hog, but also because they're clear-thinking, inventive, and confident in their values, and have a lot to teach us about making effective, diverse, and critical use of the traditional storytelling devices that rpg designers still use today. i think random encounters are good.

i don't just talk about rpgs, i make 'em too! you can view my full gameography on my itch.io page

my email address is sraekalillian at gmail dot com. feel free to reach out if you like something you've read or played of mine, you'd like recommendations on old jrpgs or indie micro-rpgs, or you'd like to work together (especially if you can pay me), or if you just want to say hi.